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CEO Yoshiyuki Omae

“Rising up to the challenge and a pleasure to serve,” these are the core values of our group companies.
Each and every one of our employees works with a high sense of duty to satisfy customers. Companies that do not respond appropriately to the changes in customer’s needs and do not adapt to changes in today’s society will rapidly decline. It is said that long-established companies that are innovators are environmentally-friendly. Only those who meet the customers’ needs are sure to thrive into the future.
The 50th anniversary of our founding was celebrated in 2014. This is thanks to the many customers whom we have had the pleasure to serve, to our wise partner companies who work hard with the sweat of labor, and to our seniors and employees. I thank you all from the bottom of my heart.
The Tokyo Branch was rebuilt in May 2014, and the Fukushima Office was rebuilt in September 2016.
With your continued support and guidance, we will continue to work together into the future with the spirit of “rising up to the challenge and a pleasure to serve.”

January 2018
Omae Komuten Co., Ltd.
CEO, Yoshiyuki Omae

Omae Komuten Co., Ltd.

Business information
Deconstruction work of various buildings
Deconstruction work of special structures
Civil engineering work
Residential land development sales

[Affiliated company] Sanyo Koei Co., Ltd.

Business information
Construction waste recycling and reuse
Plaster board intermediate treatment
Grinding of combustibles
Conversion of fuel from combustible materials
Fluorescent light recycling (affiliated with Kyushu Electric Power)
Transshipment storage

Company Values

A Pleasure to ServeA Pleasure to Serve

Respond to changing customer needs.

As the world changes, the needs of customers also change. In order for a company to survive, it must respond to these changing needs. Companies have a duty to be environmentally-friendly businesses.

A company’s survival is determined by customers.

It is the customer who decides the “survival of the fittest”. What do customers decide? It is determined by the “degree of satisfaction provided by a company”.

Providing satisfaction that impresses customers.

A true “satisfaction provider” who exceeds customer expectations is one who responds not only to superficial needs but also to potential needs. We aim to have customers feel deeply moved and pleased with our thorough service.

The customer is our compass.

We listen intently to our customers to understand and pursue their needs with humble gratitude. The customer is the compass that leads us to the right direction.

Customers are everything to us.

The most important asset of a company is the customer. Customers are everything to us. A true old-fashioned company is an innovating company that anticipates the needs of customers and continuously grows.


Corporate philosophy

Company name
Omae Komuten Co., Ltd.
Yoshiyuki Omae
Headquarters location
2-12-30,Koihonmachi,Nishi-ku,Hiroshima City
TEL:082-273-0508 FAX:082-273-0444
Rising to the challenge
Company value
Pleasure to serve
January of 1964
July 1, 1976
¥30 million
We deal with these banks
Hiroshima Bank, Momiji Bank, Hiroshima Shinkin Bank etc.
Business permit
Specific construction industry:Minister of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism (Specific construction industry -28) No. 26236
Industrial waste collection and transportation business:(Hiroshima prefecture) No. 3409000650
(Yamaguchi Prefecture) No. 3500000650
(Okayama Prefecture) No. 3300000650
Special-purpose industrial waste collection and transportation business:(Hiroshima Prefecture) No. 3459000650
(Yamaguchi Prefecture) No. 3550000650
(Okayama Prefecture) No. 3350000650
First-class architecture office registration:Hiroshima Prefecture 17 (1) No. 5256
Number of employees
55 employees (as of June 2018)
List of engineers
Link (as of November 30, 2018)
Annual turnover
¥3.1 billion (June 2019)

List of Branch Offices


2-12-30, Koihonmachi, Nishi-ku, Hiroshima City, Hiroshima Prefecture TEL:082-273-0508

Tokyo Branch

3-8-9, Hatchobori, Chuo-ku, Tokyo
Takaramachi Chishima Building 10F

Fukushima Office

2-10-13,Ekimae,Koriyama City,Fukushima Prefecture
Sanko Building 603

Iwakuni Office

1-17, Motomachi, Iwakuni City, Yamaguchi Prefecture
DEMIO Motomachi 5F


1964 January
Omae Komuten Co., Ltd. Founded Office Yuki-cho Shirasago, Saeki-ku, Hiroshima City
1976 July
Establishment of Omae Komuten Co., Ltd.
1979 January
Headquarters office relocation to 3-17-15,Koihonmachi,Nishi-ku,Hiroshima City
1980 February
Yuki landfill site purchase 45,000 ㎡
1984 March
Headquarters office relocation to 2-17-24,Koihonmachi, Nishi-ku, Hiroshima City
1988 July
Established the Deconstruction Work Business Association and appointed the first Board Chairman
1989 September
Established the Hiroshima Prefecture Dismantling Project Association and appointed the first Chairman
1993 June
Completed housing land development of Wadokai Green Hill Hospital
1994 June
Completed construction of Fuji no Ki Residence
1995 January
Order for deconstruction work in the aftermath of the Great Hanshin Earthquake
1996 November
Acquisition of specified construction industry patent
1996 December
Merged with Asahi Construction Industry Co., Ltd. Otake City incinerator deconstruction work
(Dioxin New Labor Application Law No. 1)
2002 January
Merged with Omaekosan Co., Ltd. Completed construction work on Suzugamine residential area
2004 October
JFE and other large-scale deconstruction work orders
2005 June
Awarded “Hiroshima Environmental Award”
2005 December
N.B.C Consultants introduction (performance-based training)
2006 October
Headquarters office relocation to
2-12-30,Koihonmachi,Nishi-ku,Hiroshima City
2008 January
Formally work for public construction
2012 September
Sendai Office opened
2013 February
Inauguration of CEO Yoshiyuki Omae
2013 November
Held 50th Anniversary “Evening of Thanks”
2014 January
Established Yuki Solar Power Plant
2014 May
Tokyo Branch opened
2014 November
Iwakuni Office opened
2016 June
Granted approval from Minister of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism (MLIT)
2016 August
Order for deconstruction work in the aftermath of the Great East Japan Earthquake
2016 September
Fukushima Office opened
2017 April
Tokyo Branch relocation
2017 May
Registration of first-class architect office
Affiliated Companies

Sanyo-Koei Co.,Ltd.