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Deconstruction work examples

Earth bathed in sunlight, providing a clean canvas for a new era to begin. We take pride in taking the lead in any large project.

We deal with deconstruction work of various companies including government offices and various facilities.

Photo:Deconstruction work

National Highway No. 2, lower bridge Mukainada Crossing construction following the removal of the old bridge.

Construction plan and management of large-scale removal work by wire sawing method of the bridge crossing over National highway No. 2. This is a special construction project that has received high praise and outstanding marks from the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism (MLIT).

Photo:removal construction


frame・single pipe・soundproof panel・soundproof sheet

photo:Scaffolding photo:soundproof sheet


RC・SRC・steel frame・wood・chimney

photo:Deconstruction01 photo:Deconstruction02 photo:Deconstruction03 photo:Deconstruction04

Waste incineration facility removal construction examples

Deconstruction of the incineration facilities may result in contamination of the incinerator main body, flue equipment, dust removal equipment, exhaust gas cooling equipment, smoke cleaning equipment, wastewater treatment equipment, waste heat boiler, etc. Heavy metals and other harmful substances may be present as furnace deposits that could spread throughout the work area. Our company aims to ensure reliable construction with technology and environmentally-friendly construction methods that prioritize worker safety in accordance with the most up-to-date Occupational Safety and Health Regulations.

Waste incineration facility dismantling removal flow chart

  • Work planning
  • Deconstruction plan
  • Sampling
  • Determination and implementation of the pollutant removal method
  • Evaluation of pollutant removal results
  • Determination of deconstruction method
  • Recuperation
  • Construction Plan modifications
  • Prevention of dust generation
  • Deconstruction work
  • Waste separation (sorted by material and pollution level)
  • Treatment, transportation and disposal of contaminated waste
  • Transportation and disposal of waste
  • Environmental Survey
  • Confirmation and inspection
  • Report of deconstruction plan
  • Preliminary investigation of target facilities for deconstruction
  • Implementation of special training

    We conduct thorough training on the prevention of dioxin hazards and exposure, measures in case of accidents, performance and handling of safety equipment, etc.

  • Incinerator main body, removal work of contaminants inside and outside the furnace wall
  • Removal of contamination

    Thorough measures to prevent workers from explosion, measurement of oxygen concentration, removal of liquid deposits, etc.

  • Cleaning contamination processing

    Contaminated water is temporarily stored in a storage tank, and coagulation sedimentation is repeated in the coagulation sedimentation tank. We utilize curate treatment and activated carbon for stabilization. Water purification is repeated until the drainage standard (10pg) of the purification water is cleared. The purified water which cleared the standard is discharged. The remaining contaminated waste is properly transported and treated in accordance with the Waste Disposal Act.

  • Sewage treatment at a place isolated from the work area
photo:At the time of construction

Our company takes full responsibility from planning to construction and delivery while taking proper measures to ensure safe deconstruction work of waste incinerator facilities in accordance with the Industrial Safety and Health Act and the Industrial Safety and Health Regulations.

Civil engineering construction example

Experienced first-class civil engineering and construction management engineers will take responsibility of planning, designing, and construction.

photo:civil engineering work

Parking lot asphalt, paving work


BIG parking lot

Construction work

  • photo:Before commencing the construction of Hiehata material storage

    Before commencing the construction of Hiehata material storage

  • photo:Hiehata material storage construction complete

    Hiehata material storage construction complete

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